UPDATE: As of Fall 2014, Crossroads Church has shut its doors. We had a good run and are grateful for five productive years. Some details are available in the blog post on the right.

Crossroads Church is a Christ-centered, city-focused community in downtown Kansas City. We believe Jesus meant it when he said, “Behold, I make all things new.” As people who love Jesus and love Kansas City, we’re dedicated to the renewal of lives and culture in the city.

Our Mission

Crossroads Church exists to love Jesus, connect people, and transform cities.

Jesus didn’t come to earth to organize a political party, pass on religious rituals, or tell people how to get fat and happy.

Jesus came to restore rebels to their intended role as God’s worshipers and friends. He empowered his followers to get creative in doing good for the sake of those around them, for their own sake, and for the glory of Jesus, and left his Spirit to make this adventure possible.

What next?

If you’d like to get involved, join us for informal weekly house services at 9am Sunday mornings. Expect conversational talks about Jesus, discussion, prayer, some music, and, most definitely, coffee. We move around now and then, so your best bet is to contact us for details or track us on Twitter or Facebook.  You can also or check our What We Do page for more on what’s going on.

Ultimately, our goal is not to hold events but to build a team, an extended family, that is committed to loving Jesus, loving people, and serving our city.